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Resent comments from NQGhosthunter's viewers

@NQGHOSTHUNTER "I have had a camera on the doll for over a week now,
and it has not moved at all."The problem is that during teleportation you can't
see a visible movements of the object.The object disappears instantly and
appears instantly somewhere, or even at the same place.So you need to
watch all the footage in real time to catch this special moment.Fortunately the
 period of appearance of the object maybe long enough to catch this moment. Be patient that's not so easy and isn't predictable.

KARX0 3 hours ago

A personal message to me from one of his viewers. MORE TO COME"Oh, yes, NQGH is a fake......I am trying to make my points without getting blocked (I have been blocked by many UFO channels, even for just saying "plane").
The more I can get NQGH to say in response, the better, as his responses tend to be dodgy. Also, I've noticed that after I make a point showing his composition of a scene, sometimes his style changes in response.
The more I can do this on his channel, the better."

The NQ Review page

I didn't say that, izzy. In fact, I said the opposite, or that I believe NGH is legit. However, I've just watched hoaxkiller1's vid on the technique of using masking in videos. That special effect is much slicker & more convincing than I thought it would be.

A combination of things make me think paranormal/poltergeist activity is a real phenomenon. So it's not just NQG's vids that make me draw that conclusion. However, I admit I'm more guarded & skeptical now.

here is also a box that appears in the cupboard look closely people... and if you now believe that his videos are fake and you follow him on FB head over to Nqghosthunter-Movies-ARE-FAKE and see what we have been talkin about for ages. there is also support if you feel like you have been let down.. take out your anger without being ridiculed :D

I've also noticed that the brightness of the kitchen very slightly increases instantly at the 25 second mark. Seems like the items in the cabinet were moved around and the video consists of 2 separate clips that were combined at the 25 second mark. I thought these videos were genuine, but now I'm very skeptical after noticing the instant replacement of the items and the increase of brightness at the same moment.
After one reads comments such as these below, how could you possibly defend this man?